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Does my senior dog need an orthopedic dog bed?

Beds keep your dog safe. Although many owners opt to let their dogs jump on and off of furniture, this can have long-term detrimental effects. The impact is often causing problems with joints and muscle and ligament strain, especially for very young dogs and very old dogs.

Dog beds help you keep your house clean. Dogs can track bacteria into the house, causing health problems for you, while leftover dry skin and fur can make your home have poor air quality. Dog beds confine the fur, skin, and bacteria to the bed area, allowing for a quick cleanup in the house.

Dog beds offer comfort and the personal space that they need so that they can have an area in the house that they can feel is their own. As you can see, the benefits you will begin to see are two-fold. Your dog has an area in the house that he can consider his own, and you can easily clean up after them and be sure he is sleeping in an appropriate place in the home.

An orthopedic dog bed is going to be 100% pressure relieving and take all pressure off your animal's joints. This redisperses the weight evenly across the bed allowing nutrient rich blood flow back into affected areas and promoting healing.

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