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How to stop my dog chewing up his bed!

Many pet parents have faced with this very question over and over again. How do I stop my dog from destroying their dog bed? After buying dog bed after dog bed and literally wasting hundreds of dollars, many just give up. They refuse to buy dog beds or just use blankets and towels to solve the problem.

The problem with giving up on this situation comes down to the health of your dog. Dogs have support needs just like humans do. Especially true if your doggy is dealing with any types of joint problems or arthritis (according to the APPA 90% of them will). So we can't just give up on them. We need to find a solution. Although I do not think there is a magic end all be all solution to the problem, there are many things you can do to discourage destructive behavior.

It is important first to understand that in order to solve a problem, you have to address the root cause. What is the root cause of the destructive behavior? The #1 culprit is usually separation anxiety. If you think your pup turns to this destructive behavior due to anxiety, it is important to address that as well as finding soothing alternatives that may make their life better. We recommend speaking with your Veterinarian on how you should address the problem.

Many experts believe the majority of chewing issues can be solved by leaving the dog utterly exhausted. This will absolutely make a difference. Play a rigorous game of fetch before you leave the house. You can take the long way home on the walk that morning. There is a lot you can do to ensure your dog's mind and body are thoroughly exercised.

The other major cause of destructive behavior is boredom. Make sure your dog is entertained while you are out. Leave plenty of toys for them to play with where they can direct the all the playful chewing their little heart's desire.

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