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Our program partners have a sweet spot for Senior Dogs too!

Save on dog food every prescription medicine every month or practically any product you will need for your dog! 


Best of all, a portion of membership dues goes to help Senior dogs in need.




Boneo Advanced Bone + Joint Support

Category: Supplements

Lactoferrin-based natural supplements for dogs to support healthy joints and strong bones. Glucosamine Alternative. Recommended by Veterinarians.

Offer: Save 10% off any purchase

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Bio-Nihilator Pet Stain Remover

Category: Cleaner

 BIO-NIHILATOR products are developed by a professional carpet cleaner. For several years they used professional strength enzymes but had mixed results. They began using different professional compounded products that are very effective and faster with better results, so they decided to bottle it and offer it to everyone!  

Offer: Save 15% off any purchase

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BuddyRest Pet Products

Category: Orthopedic Dog Beds

BuddyRest specializes in making the World's best orthopedic dog beds. Utilizing a fusion of quality and Science, these beds stay clean and will improve the comfort of your Senior dog.

Offer: Save $50 on any dog bed

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Category: Pet Supplies, Food, Supplements, Medication

Cherrybrook provides only the best pet products from around the World.  From grooming products to supplement, food and medication. You can find it all at Cherrybrook.

Offer: Save $10 on any purchase $50 or more

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Category: Collars, Leads,  Dog Beds, Personalized Products

Beginning with personalized dog collars and unique custom dog ID tags, we have expanded our offerings to collars, leashes and many other products that you and your pet will love. Because our company was founded and is operated by passionate dog lovers, you should have full faith in knowing that every single one of our products is something that we would feel comfortable with bringing into our house and sharing with our furry family members. It is this commitment to excellence that attracts both first time and seasoned dog owners to our company and our personalized products.

 Offer: Save up to $50 off your purchase

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 Doolittle's Pet Products

Category: slings, steps/ramps, supplements and medical supplies, beds, travel products

Doolittle's Pet Products offers the best pet products for senior and handicapped dogs + products to keep your pets safe, healthy and thriving at any age.

 Offer: Save 10% off your purchase sitewide

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Felix Chein

Category: Luxury products for Pets

Felix Chien offers sophisticated designer dog accessories and apparel that show off you and your pet's style and personality!

 Offer: Save up to $100 off your purchase

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Gear For Pets

Category: Collars, Coats, Toys, Treats

Gear For Pets is an online pet boutique providing pet owners with quality pet gear for their furry friends. Shop today for your cat or dog!

Offer: Save up to $80 off your purchase

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Handicapped Pets

Category: Support products, mobility aids, doggy wheelchairs was created in 2001 to support the caretakers of elderly, injured, and handicapped pets. We have all of the products, services, and support you'll need for special needs pets.

Offer: Save $ sitewide

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K9 Honey

Category: Topper/ Treats

K9 Honey is an all-natural functional treat and food topper for dogs. K9 Honey is naturally filled with vitamins and minerals, and we've gently blended it with bee pollen from nine geographic regions. Use K9 Honey as a tasty and nutritious treat or as a delicious food topper. Your dogs will swarm to this raw honey and you’ll be happy with health benefits they receive.

Offer: Save 10% sitewide

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Category: Supplements
LubriSynHA Family of Products manufactures and sell the top animal health supplements on the market today. LubriSynHA and LubriSynHA Plus are the best patented hyaluronic acid joint supplements on the market. LubriSynHA allows you to safely and naturally address joint discomfort in injured or older dogs with no side effects. LubriSynHA Topical Wound Gel is our newest wound gel that works to quickly heal wounds, hot spots, and other skin issues. Re-Borne Whole Bovine Colostrum is our nutritional supplement that works to boost your pet’s immune system, keep them eating and drinking while under stress, and battle gastric upset. 
Offer: 15% off all LubriSynHA Family of Products
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Lambert Vet Supply

Category: Online Pharmacy and Supplies

If you're a pet owner looking for top quality pet supplies, pet medications, or vet supplies at affordable prices, Lambert Vet Supply has you covered. For more than 20 years, we've provided pet lovers and professional veterinarians with a wide range of pet and livestock vaccines, plus a comprehensive selection of veterinary supplies and pharmaceuticals, both prescription and over-the-counter.

 Offer: Save up to 10% on prescriptions and other items

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Lucky Dog Cuisine

Category: Gourmet dog food

Cooked, all natural, people quality food for dogs. Shipped frozen, simply thaw and serve.

 Offer: Free Educating Humans Book with purchase

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Modern Dog Magazine

Category: Consumer magazine

Your guide to everything dog! Get inspired with the best ideas & solutions for a life with dogs--the coolest dog beds, toys & gear, training, wellness, dog rescue, 

 Offer: Save 25% on a subscription

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Category: Natural Supplement

MOXXOR OMEGA-3 is a powerful blend of pure & natural Omega-3’s, Vitamin E and Antioxidants from the pristine environment of New Zealand.

 Offer: Save 10% on your purchase

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Category: Premium Pet Supplies, Including Dog Collars, Dob Beds

Muttropolis Is Your Online Destination For Premium Pet Supplies, Including Dog Collars, Dob Beds, Cat & Dog Feeders, Apparel & More. Visit Us Today!

 Offer: Save 25% on a subscription

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My Pet's Friend

Category: Online Pharmacy and Supplies

For Cats, Dogs & all Pets, multi glands & Organs Concentrate, Enzymes, Trace minerals, Calcium, Pet's Friend - Natural Pet's Supplements for a Raw food diet.

 Offer: Save 10% off any order

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Natural Wonder Pets

Category: Natural Health Products

Natural Wonder Remedies is the official store for Natural Wonder Pets organic, alcohol-free, herbal home remedies for dogs and cats.

Offer: Save up to $60 off your purchase

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Nature's Farmacy

Category: Natural Health Products

More than 30 years ago, Nature’s Farmacy was first-to-market with its ground-breaking organic, high-potency probiotics for dogs. Now you can treat your dog like a star with Nature’s Farmacy’s robust lines of the highest quality holistic animal supplements and wellness products in the world.

Offer: Save up to $60 off your purchase

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Only Natural Pet

Category: Natural Food and  Homeopathic Supplies

Only Natural Pet offers natural pet supplies for dogs and cats. Natural Pet Food, Flea Remedies, Dog Supplements & Homeopathic Remedies as well as articles.

 Offer: Save $ sitewide 

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Pet Flow

Category: Dog Food - Auto Ship 

Featuring top brands of dog and cat food, treats, and more with simple Auto-Ship delivery.

 Offer: Save 10% on dog food every month

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Poochie Boots

Category: Stylish Dog boots, mobility aid

PoochieBoots provide the ultimate fit, comfort, and protection for Senior dogs. Dog Boots with Red Soles and detachable interchangeable straps that improve traction and are fun and fabulous.

 Offer: Save 15% on boots

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Pride Bites

Category: Dog Toys, Dog Beds, Personalized Products

Offers a variety of customizable dog toys and accessories made to order for your pet.

Offer: Save 20% off any item

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Pup IQ

Category: Dog bedding and active products

Featuring top quality luxury dog beds and other accessories. Made in the USA.

 Offer: Save up to 50%

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Senior Doggy

Category: Support products, mobility aids

 Products for senior dogs, mobility aids, anxiety reduction products, walking support harnesses, belly bands and special diet supplements.

 Offer: Save $ on mobility aids

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Category: Senior Dog Supplements, Rehab products, Educational Material

TopDogHealth is dedicated to providing essential and trusted educational material and animal supplements to maintain the health and happiness of your dog.

Offer: Save $ sitewide

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